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Untying the Knot

Moving Forward with Purpose & Confidence

The financial decisions through the divorce process can seem like an overwhelming endeavor filled with anxious, unprepared feelings. Addressing the issues in a thoughtful, organized and forward-looking manner can mean the difference between financial independence and future struggle; as once the divorce is finalized, many of the decisions are irrevocable.

Most of the women referred to us are strong and capable in the throes of divorce. This event has completely disrupted their world and undermined their sense of confidence. These women all share the same concerns:

  • Am I making the right decisions with my money?
  • Can I continue my lifestyle?
  • How will I manage it all?

Our goal is to support women through each challenging phase of divorce. By working with attorneys and other trusted professionals we create clarity, understanding and confidence in our client’s financial future….because the next chapter can be the BEST chapter!

Four Keys to a Successful Divorce





Start your Next Chapter

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